What is Team Superstars?    An engaging, high-energy activity that unleashes creativity, improves communication, encourages collaboration and reinforces team-building skills! The experience delivers immediate results to your business while creating lasting memories for your employees and clients. Our program can be tailored to fit your company's specific needs, budget, time limit, group size and any other specifications. Our Team Superstars program can be produced at your meeting site of choice - hotel, club, convention hall, company headquarters, etc.

What is Team Superstars?

An engaging, high-energy activity that unleashes creativity, improves communication, encourages collaboration and reinforces team-building skills! The experience delivers immediate results to your business while creating lasting memories for your employees and clients. Our program can be tailored to fit your company's specific needs, budget, time limit, group size and any other specifications. Our Team Superstars program can be produced at your meeting site of choice - hotel, club, convention hall, company headquarters, etc.

Our Program

Team Superstars amps up the impact of any corporate event—and adds that "wow" factor your people will never forget! We will work with you to design a program — a new product launch, corporate training, or celebration that really rocks! Not only do we offer our award-winning team-building program, we offer celebrity Superstar Q&A sessions, big-name entertainment and all-star Sports entertainers  for corporate functions and private VIP events.

How the Team Superstars
Team Building Program works

We group participants into "Superstar" teams, and each is assigned a celebrity Sports entertainer to coach them through the experience. These Sports Entertainers have sold out millions of arenas, performed in front of thousands of fans and thrived in the most challenging of all team settings —  Pro-Wrestling! We select the best of these Superstars that know how to coach the interpersonal skills that are key to business success.

Each "Superstar" will go to a separate room with their Coach, where they will collectively write story lines. Ideally they will write about particular topics that they have been focusing on during your event, their products or services or company message, or you can leave it up to your attendees to pick their own topics. The creativity and collaboration really starts to kick in!

Below is a list of activity's that have been put together at previous events and can be used at yours. We can help choose activity's that best fit your attendees.

  • Sports Entertainer
  • Manager
  • Sports Entertainer Diva
  • Referee
  • Announcer
  • Writer
  • Commentator
  • Color Commentator
  • Production
  • Valet
  • Commissioner

And just like any other Superstar, they will need to choose a ring name, rehearse, and choreograph their upcoming performance.

Once the preparations are complete, each Superstar will perform at the show at the end of the day, live in front of their co-workers!

The event will conclude with a full show performed by the Superstar coaches and your employees and guest. Your employees are encouraged to join at any time, this is all about releasing your employees inner superstar, so they return to your company revitalized, refreshed and ready to rock for you!

With Team Superstar, everyone is a star—no wrestling experience is necessary. All attendees can take on a performing role in the program, whether they're wrestling, announcing, or being a manager. Those less comfortable in the limelight can assume a supporting role such as writing story lines or production of the show. No one is left out of this engaging and fun team-building event!

Your people will learn lessons from the performing arts, improve their communication and collaboration skills and gain insights about themselves, colleagues and customers, develop leadership skills and so much more that will help them shine and help you achieve your corporate goals, and have fun at the same time!

Program Benefits

  • Develops leadership skills.
  • Ignites the inner Superstars of your company.
  • Delivers the excitement of interaction with the celebrity.
  • Creates an environment to build trust.
  • Builds camaraderie.
  • Improves communication skills through expression.
  • Encourages collaboration.
  • Reenergizes your employees.

We also offer:

Celebrity Superstar Q & A Sessions

Jim Cornette hosts a Q&A with Superstars

Your next corporate event is a great opportunity to have Superstars answer questions on topics that they never discussed in public before including their successes, mistakes and lessons they've learned throughout their career. These Superstar celebrities have achieved huge success in branding and marketing while collaborating with various teams, and they know what has worked and what hasn't. Celebrities can show your people how to get motivated and succeed in a competitive market. These Superstars are still selling out venues around the country, even as some of them approach their 40th or 50th anniversaries and there is a lot to learn. Someone on your corporate team can emcee the event or we can provide a host from our business leaders and with prearranged questions, and we can gear the presentation as a motivational event. While you've had many motivational speakers in the past having a Superstar celebrity is a great way to learn and get your people super-motivated and excited to learn.

Big Name Corporate Entertainment - Celebrity Appearances

If your looking to secure major entertainment for any corporate event, Team Superstars has associations with some of the biggest names in the wrestling world from the past 30 years. You will be amazed at the famous wrestlers who are available for your special event. Team Superstars will not only organize the sound, lights and staging, we can accommodate personal meet-and-greets for top executives and customers. Please call us to compare process as we have a celebrity division.

Entertainment for Corporate Events - Booking a Superstar or Show

for Corporate and Private Parties.

For over 30 years we have produced shows for the biggest names in wrestling and organized Superstars for private events. Our relationships and expertise in the wrestling business allow us to assemble the best people at an affordable cost for your event. If you are looking to recognize, reward or show appreciation to employees or clients, there is no better wan to do so than with the Sports Entertainment Fantasy Camp Corporate Party package. Imagine Superstars milling about over cocktails, meting your key people, signing autographs ad posing for photos with your VIPs. Picture a Superstar at every table during dinner. Following dinner, our Superstars will perform a private Show. And if you have a CEO, employee, or client that wants to participate, we'll have him/her join and join the show.

Frequently-asked questions:

  • Is this an affordable program? Yes

  • What size groups do you work with? 25 or more

  • Where does the program take place? Anywhere

  • Are there special roles for the executives at our company? Yes

  • How much time do we need for this program? A Day


  • Is any wrestling experience required? No

  • Is there any special gear required? No

  • Can the program be customized? Yes

Our Experienced Team

Tom Prichard For over thirty years, Tom Prichard has been in and around the professional wrestling/sports entertainment business. He’s done everything from ringside photographer, set up the ring, referee, ring announcer, television commentator, promoter, producer and wrestler! From 1996-2004 and 2007-2012 Prichard was the Head Coach/Manager for WWE’s developmental system. Along the way he helped develop and train such stars as: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Mark Henry, Kurt Angle, Sheamus, Edge, Christian, Dolph Ziggler, Ted DiBiase Jr, Heath Slater, Kofi Kingston, Damien Sandow, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas, Ryback, Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Brodus Clay, Curtis Axel, Wade Barrett, Vince, Shane, Stephanie McMahon and many more! Born in El Paso Texas in 1959, Tom fell in love with pro wrestling and followed it religiously from the time he was four years old. At the age of ten he moved with his family to Houston where a whole new adventure awaited and life lessons were plenty! Learn how taking karate and meeting instructor Bill Gray shaped Tom’s life forever with a “Whatever it takes” attitude! Growing up in a middle class family with no encouragement or connections to make his dreams a reality, it was his older brother Ken who found a way to open the door and once it was open Tom busted through and would not take “No” for an answer! Life lessons are best taught with adversity and challenges. The difference between living your dream and not is in the ability and willingness to go the extra mile and get back up when you get knocked down. Understanding life truly is a game and understanding how to play is the key to Tom’s success! Hear how Tom became a “Doctor” while wrestling in the Pensacola/Alabama area and how that moniker not only fit but stayed with him the rest of his career. Mistakes were chalked up as experience and there’s NOTHING you or anyone can’t accomplish if you’re willing to put the hard work and effort needed! What’s possible is done; what’s impossible will be done! That’s the credo Tom lives his life by and understands if HE could do it, ANYBODY can! From humble beginnings wrestling and traveling to small towns across the country to wrestling for the biggest and most successful wrestling company in the world, Tom Prichard has done it all! He has been on the WWE creative team, was the first Head Coach and manager of the WWE Developmental system, co-host of WWE’s first official web-cast Byte This with Kevin Kelly, Co-host and commentator for WWE Metal and WWE International Superstars television shows, inspirational mentor and motivator for past, present and future WWE Superstars. Synopsis: • Beginning at four years old I knew what I wanted to do and everything in my life was done with that one goal in mind. I became a professional wrestler and was the first Head Coach for the biggest wrestling company in the world. • Overcame the odds and everyone telling me I was “too small” and would “never make it.” I became a wrestler because I sacrificed and was dedicated to do whatever it took to make it. • It wasn’t easy but I gave up everything and stayed focused until… • The downfall: Drugs, sex and rock and roll! Everything I avoided I finally gave into and was a huge road block and detriment to my life and career. The women, first wife, daughter, drug addiction, living like there was no tomorrow almost cost me my life… • I was at the right place at the right time; but I made sure I was aware of being where I needed to be. I was determined to be in a business where size and image was important. • I accomplished my goals and then some. I had the opportunity to train and guide some of the greatest performers in the world. Wrestled in Madison Square Garden, became WWE tag team champion, wrestled all over the world and lived a life most people only dream of. • Let me tell you how you too can accomplish all you want in life and grow in the process. I’ve made every mistake in the book and succeeded and survived to talk about it!


Tully Blanchard

The son of former AWA President, Blanchard got started in the wrestling business at age 10, selling peanuts at the arenas and putting up flyers. Eventually he became apart of the ring crew, helping set up for matches. In high school, he played football. He attended West Texas State University where he was starting quarterback for 3 years. Fellow wrestlers Tito Santana and Ted DiBiase were also on his team. After college, he went on to Florida Championship wrestling with Tito Santana where they began their wrestling career. Was most influenced in wrestling by Harley Race, Terry Funk, Dory Funk Jr. and Ric Flair. Wrestled in the NWA for most of his career. Started the Four Horsemen group with Ric Flair, Arn and Ole Anderson. Had some memorable feuds with Dusty Rhodes, Magnum T.A., and Ricky Steamboat. Blanchard had a successful singles career, winning the United States Title as well as the World Television Championship. Had a classic battle with Magnum T.A. in a "I Quit" cage match at Starrcade '85. Tully is a HOF member of the elite group The Four Horseman.

He began teaming with Arn Anderson. The duo won the NWA Tag Team Championship from the Rock 'n Roll Express. After losing their titles to the Midnight Express, Blanchard and Anderson jumped companies to the WWF. There they were managed by Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, and were known as the Brain Busters. The duo won the WWF Tag Team Titles from Demolition on a live Saturday Night's Main Event. Eventually they lost the titles back to Demolition. They had a great running feud with the Rockers, Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty.

Blanchard was hoping to go back to the NWA with Arn Anderson to reform the Four Horsemen with Ric Flair, but the NWA refused to hire him. Blanchard explained on WWE Confidential that this was when he gave his life to Christ. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012. He has wrestled several shows since then, but remained in active ministry to prisons, as well as those struggling with addictions.


Ricky Morton  is an American professional wrestler who has worked for such wrestling organizations as Jim Crockett Promotions, the American Wrestling AssociationExtreme Championship WrestlingWorld Championship Wrestling, the World Wrestling Federation (now World Wrestling Entertainment) and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (now Impact Wrestling).

Morton had seventy-nine championship reigns throughout his career, and is best known for his appearances with Robert Gibson, with whom he has been a four time NWA/WCW World Tag Team champion as one-half of the tag team The Rock 'n' Roll Express.

Ricky currently has a Pro-wrestling school called School of Morton in Chuckey TN.