One week Pro Wrestling clinic with Ricky Morton


One week Pro Wrestling clinic with Ricky Morton

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400 is a upfront deposit total price is 800.00 until May 1st sale price

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One week long clinic in professional wrestling available now at School of Morton. Eat, Drink, Sleep and S%^$ wrestling with Ricky for a week.
Rock and Roll express Ricky Morton has been wrestling 40 years strong. S.O.M was founded in 2014 by Ricky Morton to help indy wrestlers who have never really had any formal training by someone who has made there living wrestling.. Ricky is an 8 time world tag team champion and has over 40 years of pro wrestling knowledge. If you are interested in a one-on-one crash course you can come to School of Morton 2085 Chuckey Hwy Chuckey TN 37641. Spend seven straight days here at S.O.M no matter what level you are at, beginners, intermediate, or advanced are all welcome.  We have an apartment you can stay in for your visit. The clinic will start at S.O.M on any given Monday and continue through Friday from 12 noon till 4 p.m. Saturday will be spent on the road with Ricky wherever he’s booked. Sunday, the last day, you'll work out with the School of Morton students from 1 till 5 p.m. The total price is $1,200 now 800 till May 1st for the one week pro wrestling clinic. Send one-half of the fee upfront in a check or money order or pay online at only payable to:
Lisa Strange
2085 Chuckey Hwy
Chuckey, TN 37641
This upfront money is to hold your week of training here at School of Morton with Ricky Morton. E-Mail at for more info.or call 4232977623. MAKE YOUR PRO WRESTLING DREAMS COME TRUE!
Rock and Roll Express Ricky Morton